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The Cable Warehouse is the only resource any telecommunications company needs to find best-in-class third party partners. TCW will save you time by doing the legwork necessary to find the best possible partners for your short term or ongoing projects.


With decades of experience, TCW knows that not all third party partners are the same and finding the best possible partner is crucial to your success.  system for connecting telecommunications companies and third party partners has proven effective since 2006. Let us help you get the results you want!

Our Services

Direct & Indirect Sales Partners

There is a huge difference between a “direct sales” company and a “sales partner”. Direct sales companies want to make as many sales as possible for the commissions. A sales partner invests in their company and personnel to become a partner and make the right sales – ones that will have a long term benefit to your company and therefore make them a trusted “partner”. A “sales partner” understands the value of the relationship long term. We specialize in placing the best “sales partners” with telecommunications companies. If a company doesn’t meet these standards we do not work with them.

Installation and Fulfillment Services

When a third party represents your company to your customers that experience can build loyalty or drive the customer to one of your competitors. Choosing the right installation, service and fulfillment partner comes down to more than just rate and available staffing. TCW knows these companies and can add the elements of quality and customer care focus to the equation.

Marketing and Social Media

Sorting through the thousands of “Social Media” Marketing firms can be a full-time job. TCW knows the companies that specialize in telecommunications. The ones that know the business because they have either been a telecommunications marketing executive or have years of successful projects to prove that they are the right option for your company. More traditional marketing services are also readily available.

Collections Services

Churn, non-payment and unreturned equipment are all unavoidable in the telecommunications business. With the right third-party collections partner, limiting these drains on the bottom-line is possible. Field collections teams to recover unreturned equipment and outstanding balances with a focus on saving
customers and not disconnecting them will improve key business objectives. Experienced partners with proven track records are available. Don’t settle for “good enough”.

Consulting Services

Our network of telecommunications veterans ranges from CEOs to Marketing, Customer Care, Operations VPs to Project Managers at every level of the company. We have the experience to deliver results, but without the extensive overhead to drive the costs. Short term projects to long term ongoing business needs our consulting network will get you the results you desire.

And More

  • Customer Care Support
  • Construction Services
  • Training
  • Audits
  • Project Management


The Cable Warehouse is comprised of former cable executives, so…
  • We do what you would do;
  • How you would do it;
  • If you had the time to;
  • But at NO COST to you!
We are paid a finder’s fee by the company that gets the work only if they meet your standards and you contract with them. You provide the Scope of Work and make the final decision on hiring, but we do everything in between. 

We Have Helped



Managing Partner

After almost 20 years with Comcast, including time as the Midwest Division Vice President of Sales and Marketing and as an Area Vice President, Kevin left the large MSO side of the business to oversee Sales, Marketing and Customer Care at James Cable during a time James was trying to liquidate their properties. James, being a much smaller MSO with systems throughout the southern and western United States, gave Kevin additional experience within the cable industry.

His experience includes leading teams focused on sales, marketing, commercial development and introduction of new products for Comcast’s second largest division (at that time), in addition to overseeing operations for one of the company’s most competitive areas. He has a keen understanding of what telecommunications executives do, how they do it, and the support they need to get it done.

In 2007, with telecommunications executives and their teams being asked to do more with less, Kevin saw a need to connect these companies with proven outside resources that they could rely upon to help meet their goals. He started The Cable Warehouse to fulfill those needs.

Kevin understands the challenges faced by telecommunications companies and knows how to find successful solutions. He’s a trusted resource for many telecommunications companies when they need strategies for growth, key alliances and competitive positioning.

Paul J Kray


Having graduated from Case Western Reserve School of Law in 1990, Attorney Kray has more than 25 years of legal practice in the areas of business law, incorporating, civil litigation, collections, and general counsel for corporate affairs. Attorney Kray’s team of lawyers offers effective legal representation with flexible billing options. Attorney Kray has been a member of numerous business-related service organizations and has served on various community service boards throughout his 27 years in the practice of law, including Corporate Counsel for his local Economic Development Corporation. Attorney Kray has represented corporations with multi-million dollar annual sales for nearly his entire legal career.

As a Partner with The Cable Warehouse, Attorney Kray regularly works on agreements for business owners.



How does your service work?

The Cable Warehouse starts with a scope of work provided by the telecommunications company, then combines our vendor matching system with our years experience  to determine which vendor or vendors are the best fit for the needs of that telecommunications company. We then provide proposals, recommendations or options to the telecommunications company and they make the final decision. Also, they are under no obligation to use our recommendation or service providers if they do not wish to.

Is your service just for large telecommunications companies?

Not at all. While TCW does do a considerable amount of work for the largest telecommunications companies, we are equally comfortable and successful with smaller telecommunications providers in both urban and rural areas.

How do you determine what companies you will recommend?

TCW believes that each project is unique, so we rely on extensive up-front dialogue to get the full scope of work and from that we use our cable experience to determine which companies may be the best option for the project. From there we narrow the list based on available resources, geography and interest to determine which company or companies have the highest likelihood to meet the goals of the project.

What is the cost of your service?

There is no cost for the cable operator for TCW’s service to find contractors and service providers for them. TCW is paid a finder’s fee by the vendor if they get the work. All vendors in a given category of work pay TCW consistent fees so there is no financial incentive for TCW to recommend one vendor over another. Our goal is to ensure a successful project.

Put The Cable Warehouse team to work for you.

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The Cable Warehouse is a DBA of Telecom Marketing Strategies, LLC.